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Thanks to Tobber at Witt España Estates, we found our dream apartment on the seafront in Fuengirola. We didn't think it would be possible with our budget, but with the help of Tobber we found an apartment that needed to be renovated. We hadn't considered that at all - but it meant that our budget ended up covering both the apartment and the renovation. Tobber is a find. He is down to earth and... tells things like they are. He is good at seeing what you need - and will go through fire and water to find you the right home. The warmest recommendations from more
Mickey NielsenMickey Nielsen
21:42 19 Jun 23
After a holiday in Spain, the wish was to find a specific apartment in a specific defined area on the sun coast. Before our departure we received several sales advertisements. We forward several apartments that we had found ourselves. Tobber sorted several out. Not everyone is as honest, not everyone is up to date with what is happening in that area. in particular, an apartment, which we were... very keen on, was rejected because Tobber showed that you had to build for +3 years, next door. After a 14-day tracking, we plan the trip to Malaga.We had chosen to have 2 brokers to present apartments for 2 days, but Tobber was quickly ready with accommodation options and pick-up at the airport. The day with Tobber started with pick-up at the restaurant, a well-planned sales tour with included stops - dining, drinks. A really good day tailored to what you could stand. Very early in the 7 showings, a single apartment stands out - Tobber quickly got hold of the seller's broker and a deal was set up. An offer was made, as agreed with us, and before we had gone home the deal was closed. But here Mr. stopped. Witt's service does not. We were held by the hand, taken around to lawyers, notaries, furniture purchases, etc. The man has contacts everywhere. Even at the lawyer we had Tobber with (at our wish) What the poor man had to shoulder on our side. Even when the papers were signed and the apartment was to be handed over, a problem arose as we could not get the date of the handover moved. Tobber was ready - He managed the handover alone and sent photos from the handover right after and was actually ready the week after with keys when we arrived in Malaga. It was just a really good and safe experience and I am sure that if I had a problem today, 2 years after our transaction, Tobber would be ready and offer his help. We did not know Tobber before our meeting. He contacted me discreetly via Facebook, but already at the airport other Danes and the Danish/Austrian estate agent were talking.Very rarely do you receive a service far beyond what you can expect, without it seeming intrusive or too energetic. I highly recommend contacting Tobber Witt, should you need a real estate agent for either a purchase or more
cem kanturcem kantur
21:41 19 Jun 23
Good man who takes you through everything at just the right pace for you. Always helpful and goes the extra mile for his customers.
Ejal BrachaEjal Bracha
21:39 19 Jun 23
Best service. I felt safe during the whole process
Nichlas FrandsenNichlas Frandsen
16:26 23 Apr 22
Tobber Witt is great, really competent and pleasant. I can really recommend Tobber to help you find the right home, property or land in Spain 👌❤️😎🇩🇰🌞

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